Dr.Takashi Tsukamoto
Position: Lecturer
Tel: 02-613-2304
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Nationalism and Post-colonialism: Politics of national and other identity formation; nature of the role of the "Otherness”
Multiculturalism: Historical development of the relationship between majority and minority groups; ethno-cultural tensions and political stability; the discourse of multiculturalism
International Politics and Regional Conflicts: Historicity and historical narratives in regional conflicts; nationalisms and national identities in bilateral and multilateral contexts

PhD in Political Science and International Relations, The Australian National University
BA in Politics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

"Multiculturalism or Plural Monoculturalism: The Krue Se Mosque and the Malay-Muslims of the Deep South of Thailand,” presented at the 3rd IAFOR Asian Conference on Cultural Studies and Asian Studies, Osaka, 26 May 2013.
"Encountering the Other Within: Thai National Identity and the Malay-Muslims of the Deep South,” PhD Thesis (The Australian National University, 2011).
"'Considering Self'and 'Considered Self:' 'National Self' to be Sharpened on a Whetstone?,” Colloquium: The New Horizon of Contemporary Sociological Theory 4 (January 2009), pp. 28-56.
"Thai-fication of Malay-Muslim and/or Malay-nisation of Thai-Buddhism: Who Has Been Lost in Translation in the City of ‘Patani’?,” presented at the Embassy of Japan in Bangkok, Thailand, 28 March 2008.
"Considering 'Self' vs. Considered 'Self:' Popularisation of Thai Official Narratives,” presented at National Conference of Political Science and Public Administration, Bangkok, Thailand, 1 December 2004.