The Office of International Affairs 
Faculty of Political Science  Thammasat University
Exchange Program
The Office of International Affairs, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University, 2 Prachan Road, Bangkok, 10200 Thailand          Updated in May 2017
Bird’s eye view a top government university in Thailand, outlook at Thammsat University - Thammasat University website - TU International Affairs Office website - Faculty of Political Science website What’s news in present? Student Mobility The Faculty of Political Science and partner institutions are proposed to nominate students for Long and Short-term Exchange Program in twice semesters of academic year.* + Semester I June to September + Semester II December to March following *Subject to change without prior notice. The upcoming application deadline is due on 15 September 2017.  The Faculty of Political Science has been inviting undergraduate and graduate students who aim to study abraod on non-degree student agreement in 2017-2018. The Downloadable faculty announcement of qualification requirements and funding for exchange program (Thai version). All of application forms and supporting requirements should be send to the Office of International Affairs, at 2nd Floor of Faculty of Political Science. Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus.  If you need on demand application form, please contact us at or downloaded OIA.Polsci application in Student webpage..