Message from our Dean


Faculty of Political Science has long been well established as one of the most famous higher education institution, and continuously producing body of knowledge, conducting high quality of researches and delivering academic services to significant stakeholders and society. All the graduates have made great reputation to be part of the development with positive impactto the society, holding strongly to the commitment of moral and institutional value of fairness and justice. Although there have been many changes and challenges presented for the past several years, the faculty has adapted through such disruptions to sustain its position as a leading institution.

Professors and researches of the faculty are as strong in traditional approaches as unique to the new knowledge and emerging issues around the world relating with politics and governance, international relation and area studies, and public policy and public administration. Students are significantly strong in their critical thinking and social responsibility perspective while the graduates have proved to be invaluable human resource to the society. Classes, workshops, seminars, internship-coop and extra-curriculum are designed to encourage and support an active (flipped) style where students take lead in learning and practicing. With very strong and well-connected networks of alumni and partners, the faculty have initiated many projects and activities to collaboratively improve the quality of education as well as to responsively serve its communities and the country.

From this day on, through the dynamic disruptive challenges, with our aims in flipping learning environment, producing research-based knowledge and case studies, modernizing academic services and enhancing performance of both management and operations, Faculty of Political Science will be transformed to take its strategic position as the Center of Knowledge Development in Political Science performing as one of the leading institutions with international standard. Our uniqueness of knowledge and outstanding researches will be shared and collaborated among all partners and stakeholders as competitive advantage to create innovative hybrid-interdisciplinary programs, and to develop new questions to derive at better answers and solutions to public problems, resilient society, and global sustainability.