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Post-structural International Relations- identity, authenticity, being, risk, East and West, conflict Public International Law- law of war, human rights law

Ajarn Iain lived in Japan for 7 years before returning to the UK to work as a lawyer at a large law firm.He has worked as a reporter at The Washington Post, in their Tokyo bureau, and a defence analyst at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, specialising in Far East Asia.
He has travelled to several conflict zones, such as Algeria, Kosovo, and the West Bank.

Ajarn Iain was awarded a Monbusho Fellowshipfor study in Japan. He won the Ibrahim Award for litigation at Law College.
He has studied Law and International Relations at Birmingham University (England), Tsukuba University (Japan) and Thammasat.

Ajarn Iain has presented at academic conferences in Malaysia, Macao and Japan. He has published articles in The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, Police Review, Inside Time, and others. He has made frequent television appearances. Papers published include "Fairly Amazing Thailand: The Danger of Risk Reduction’and ‘Tourist Thailand and the Staged Postmodern Man: Reversing Authentic Absurdity". He has also produced a short book, ‘The Art of Strategic Agency’.